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Roasted Chilies (Gringa) Rajas con Crema

This week one of your choices will be roasted chilies. We roast the chilies at the Farm right before driving to the CSA pick-up and bag the chilies at the pick-up. The chilies will still be hot and will look … Continue reading

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Shishito Peppers (again)

Oh Shishito peppers, how do I love thee? This is pretty much a re-post of the blog I did last year. Is that bad? In my defense, I did it because I don’t think enough can be said, or blogged, … Continue reading

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Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

These are a very sweet pepper called Carmen. Roasting them brings out even more sweetness and complex flavors. To prepare these you simply need to rinse off most of the charred peel and seed and de-vein them. You can put … Continue reading

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Shishito Peppers

One of the restaurants we sell to asked Wyatt to grow these peppers and boy am I glad he did. This is probably my favorite new crop this year. These are mild and so flavorful. The seeds of most peppers … Continue reading

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