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Corn Stock

I really don’t like store bought vegetable stock. I think it often tastes muddy and makes whatever dish I use it in taste muddy as well. If I need vegetable stock and don’t have any homemade I often opt for water with … Continue reading

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About Sorrel and Sorrel Scrambled Eggs

Sorrel is a perennial herb with a bright lemon-green-vegetable flavor, if that makes sense. It is really hard to describe….lemon spinach maybe, but more tender than spinach. The leaves are very tender and sort of melt into whatever dish you … Continue reading

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Dinner and Potluck Ideas Using CSA Vegetables

I love preparing and eating summer vegetables. I don’t have any recipes in this post, just a few pictures of food I made and some I didn’t make, to hopefully inspire you to think outside the box using your shares. … Continue reading

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Zuni Cafe Zucchini Pickles

If you like bread and butter pickles you will love these. The texture of the zucchini is really satisfying for some reason. These are great on sandwiches and burgers. We had hummus and salad and pita for dinner the other … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Tomatillos and make some salsa.

I have several people at pick-up ask me what to do with tomatillos. I tell them, anything you can do with a tomato you can do with a tomatillo. Preparing them is a little different than a tomato (tomatillos have … Continue reading

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Super Green Pasta

Last week I said I had a new favorite vegetable preparation. I think I spoke too soon. This Super Green Pasta is my new favorite. It has only 6 ingredients, takes about 15 minutes to make, and is silky delicious … Continue reading

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Shaved Raw Zucchini and Fennel

Every summer I have a favorite new vegetable or preparation. One year it was shishito peppers. another year it was grilling fava beans . This year my favorite thing I am eating again and again is shaved zucchini salads. I have made … Continue reading

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Storing Zucchini and Summer Squash

This time of year every CSA share in the country will probably have some zucchini or summer squash included in their share, ours does!  You’ll want to store it properly to keep it fresh until you are ready to use … Continue reading

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Storing Radishes, Carrots, Grilling Onions and Turnips

I did a little experiment I want to share with you. 5 weeks ago, the last time we got radishes in our CSA share, I wanted to see how long they would stay crisp and fresh stored in my refrigerator. … Continue reading

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Zucchini Ricotta Ravioli

My CSA pick-up day is Monday. Sunday late afternoon I try to clean out my refrigerator and use up all my vegetable odds and ends from the week to make dinner Sunday night. I have a some go-to meals to … Continue reading

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